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Dr. Danielle BabbWelcome to Teach Online Training Center. helping you create your dream job teaching online!

Teach Online Training Center helps new and seasoned online faculty learn to get jobs, retain jobs, organize their workload, work their jobs around their desired lifestyle, add to and maintain their workload! Offering courses on everything from getting new jobs as a new teacher to adding jobs as a seasoned professor; from writing CVs to expanding your network - you can take online training courses here and earn certificates for completing each one. Teach Online Training offers products and solutions designed to help you with your quest to create your own dream job, working from home and educating online students.

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by Danielle Babb - Tuesday, 1 April 2008, 03:31 PM

Welcome everyone to Teach Online Training Center Our first course, how to make a living teaching online 101, is available for enrollment now! Please browse around and look for new features coming SOON!

Dr. Dani Babb

Founder, Co-Author of Make Money Teaching Online

Available Courses

  • Motivating the At-Risk Student and Handling Difficult Learners is a rewarding, yet often extremely difficult and time consuming task. In this course, you will learn how to work with at-risk students, the types of communication they need, the rules at play, and how to handle difficult learners in general.

  • This course, taught by Teach Online Training Center founder and co-author of Make Money Teaching Online Dr. Dani Babb, will teach you the fundamentals of learning to teach online. Using the book Make Money Teaching Online as reference, Dr. Dani steps you through six weeks of learning to find jobs, how to apply, creating a CV, and putting a plan together for applying for starter schools or schools to further your workload.

    The course comes with all materials on my the web site (including school lists sample CVs, intro emails, pay matrices, the snail-mail binder sent at seminars and the DVD used in The Works - $900 value total) Certificates are offered for those requesting them if you may use it as professional development if your college or university allows it.

  • This course requires an enrolment key
    Cost: US$ 319.00

    Do you want to learn about tools and tips for online high school teachers? Do you want to learn how to balance your supplemental income with your day job or other work? Do you want to learn tools to help you become a better high school teacher? This course, designed to advance your skillset, is perfect for new and advanced educators to learn new techniques and tips for enhancing their skillset and being able to add additional work!

  • This course requires an enrolment key
    Cost: US$ 319.00

    Are you looking for a job teaching online high school? Do you have a teaching credential or want to get one? Do you want to teach virtually and remotely? Online high schools offer flexibility and excellent pay! This course, Getting Started Teaching Online High School, steps you through credentialling, what it takes to get started, licensure and working out of state, virtual schools, virtual charter schools, pay, lists of schools to work for and more! This is a 101 course on learning to teach for online high schools!


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